Try on the Warmth of Cashmere Coats, Now on Sale at Max Zeller Furriers

    Thu, Jan 17, 2013
    Try on the Warmth of Cashmere Coats, Now on Sale at Max Zeller Furriers
    Max Zeller Furriers

    When the weather man tells you it’s going to be cold outside, you better believe him. It looks like winter’s chill has finally hit the East Coast and now more than ever you’re going to need a warm winter coat to keep toasty. Luckily, residents in West Hartford needn’t look any further than Max Zeller Furriers where luxury fur coats are now on sale.

    Get 50% off of all 100% cashmere coats at the Connecticut fashion store. Due to the demand of mink around the world, the cost of mink coats is set to rise 30% next season. Now is the perfect time to make an investment in the fur coat you have always wanted from the largest furrier in the North East.

    As one of the highest-quality furs, mink has a classic look that appeals to all generations. The female mink is generally softer and more delicate, making it a desired fabric for better quality garments, particularly fur coats. Coats made from the male mink are heavier and can be dyed or woven with leather and other fabrics easily. Minks themselves are very rare, small animals, requiring a great deal of time to craft one fur coat. Because of this, mink coats come with a hefty price tag, but their pristine quality that makes them worth every penny.

    Equally as rare to find, cashmere is strong, light, and soft in texture, making for a beautiful fur coat with excellent insulation. When cashmere is made well it is one of the most desirable fur coats and with the right amount of care, it will end up being a lifelong investment.

    Try on the luxurious comfort and warmth that is a fur coat for yourself at Max Zeller Furriers. Connecticut fashion and great sales know no limits at this West Hartford fur boutique, dedicated to keeping you warm throughout the winter season.